End Time fast approaches

Originally posted: Nov 9, 2008

You can see by the last US election how near the end is. There’s nothing left but chaos for the USA. You need your citizenship in THE KINGDOM. Apply for a passport Now. You get it from the Department of Heavenly Security. I’ve got one. I look really great on the photo ID. It looks much better than this me down here. The thing with this Passport is you get a free ride on Airforce One Way To Glory before the nuke strike. IMMIGRATE NOW!

4 comments on “End Time fast approaches

  1. Please the case of our evangelist, bro. Ola jesu is calling for a currious attention .Bro Ola jesu is a believer and a minister in the message of william m. Branham.He is suffering from a kidney problem since a year ago, he has been taking a treatments from Lautech Teaching hospital here in Nigeria since then untill now that the teaching hospital went on strike 2 weeks ago
    what so ever you can do to help our dear brother please do it, All proofs can be mail to you upon requests, most especialy the hospital tests and documents.
    Pastor simon Oladejo

    • Thank you for this urgent request. Are you able to scan in some documents re. this brother, and post them in another Comment under this one, please, so we can take this to the Lord. Thank you again for your expression of love for this sick servant of God.

  2. I see that your BOSK (Biblos On-Screen Keyboard) is freeware, and was wondering about any licensing of your
    Greek/Hebrew fonts (Ben Chayyim Hebrew Font and Biblos Greek Font)
    original language Bible texts (Ben Chayyim Hebrew Scriptures and Greek New Testament Received Text 1550 Stephanus).

    What are the permissions/restrictions on their use?
    Can your fonts be used in a commercial publication, on a commercial Web site, etc.?

    Thank you.

    – RJ in Delaware

    • Thank you for your inquiry. The Hebrew font you mentioned is a BibleWorks font which has some restrictions as listed on this link: http://www.bibleworks.com/fonts.html. All other freely downloadable works, software etc. on this site are distributed solely for the glory of God and His Son Jesus Christ. I am always willing to discuss their use by others, but must have full information about the interested party, to ensure they are used in a true Christian manner from my Bible-based perspective. That would mean minimum for a start: full name, address, commercial interests or involvements, with details, landline telephone number verifiable on line etc. If you want to go that way, please supply that information via the Blog. May the Lord Jesus bless you on the Path.

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