Homeschool Jubilee and the Yellow Rose

If you’re a Christian couple or single parent wanting to homeschool your children in the oppressive Nazified cultic environment today — I advise you in the Name of Jesus Christ: GET TO THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS IN THE GOOD OL’ US OF A! Texas is the free-est state in the world for homeschoolers. Doesn’t that speak for itself folks? The wealthiest, most successful state in the world, is also the one which supports homeschooling best! Get it? Free, undogmatic schooling, makes the best brains and therefore makes the best economy. Out of all the states in America, Texas has the most open and easy homeschooling system. What you do over your homethreshold is YOUR business, not the “government’s”. And that’s how things are run in Texas. (At the moment, that is, unless and until the cults take over, so hurry!) The state school system in other countries and many other states too is totally dominated by the Vatican and Freemasons of the Ecumenical Council. Those perverts and pedophiles regularly abuse children in the state-run systems. They don’t even hide their agenda much these days. They openly promote sodomy and perversion and anti-Ten-Commandments stuff in their curricula. Have a look, by contrast, at the many many homeschool support groups in Texas at this link: If you’re persecuted abroad, because you’re trying to homeschool your kids in a Christian Bible-believing environment, I would say your best move is to apply for a B2 or similar “business” visa to Texas USA which lasts for several years, and covers your family too, then you can apply for change of status to a US citizenship application whilst in the USA on that visa. If you aren’t able to homeschool yourself, because of lack of teaching ability, you’re still better off coming to Texas, as they have the best Bible-believing independent schools here too. God bless you richly in your search for Christian freedom.

Special link for homeschoolers and other interested parties to the history of The Yellow Rose of Texas song.

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