You got rights to do GOOD, not rights to do EVIL

Common misapprehension: Liberty in USA means you can do WHAT YOU WANT. No, no, no. As the Bible says, James 1:25, 2:12, there is a LAW OF LIBERTY — no liberty without Law. How this works is easy to see. The Law of Liberty says sodomy (“gay” stuff) should be punished severely. The penalty is death. You say, “Hey, what’s wrong with gays? That’s only sex. I’m not gay, but everyone should be allowed to do what they want.” Ok — change the terms a little. The Law says murder is wrong. If you say everyone should do what they want, what about a murderer? Let’s have “murderers’ rights”, then??? Really?? You say, “But that’s killing people, violence, that’s different.” OK. What about thieving? Then there should be “rights for thieves”??? Really? So long as they don’t kill or do violence? Really? So IT’S OK FOR SOME THIEF TO TAKE YOUR HARD-EARNED STUFF, AND SO LONG AS HE OR SHE DOESN’T HARM YOU IN THE PROCESS, THAT’S OK? Really? Put your address on the web, buddy, and let the world know what you got. “But,” you say, “gays only have sex, they’re not taking something off somebody.” Really??? You don’t know the facts. They STEAL DECENCY, MORALITY, FAMILY SECURITY, PROTECTION OF CHILDREN, etc. etc. etc., which are all much more valuable than physical possessions. They reduce sex to flesh-lust, usually lust for plump, young, flesh (pedophilia), without regard to reproduction, and the family, dismantling the sociological protections that surround the family unit. God puts the household above the government (Genesis 3:16, preceding Genesis 9:5). Get it right. This so-called “government” of the USA has exchanged the Grace of God for lasciviousness (Jude 1:4), and will suffer the consequences from God Himself.

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