The contortions of Satan under pressure

Originally posted: Jan. 28, 2009

As you scan the world right now, do you ever think: “What on earth is going on here?” That thought has probably gone through your mind recently.

For example up to 70% of Americans want their own President just to show them his full long-form Birth Certificate, so they know he’s a “natural-born citizen” like the Constitution says he has to be. Not only does the President blow a great big raspberry at them and say “NOOOOOO!!!!” So does the Supreme Court. So does Congress — EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF CONGRESS. Multitudes will die because of this. Strange.

Meanwhile the economy totally collapses, and instead of doing what any sensible householder would do if their household economy collapsed, that is, tighten the belt, draw down the hatches etc. etc., no, the US Government goes into overdrive pulling out 1 trillion dollars more non-existent, still-future, tax-payers’ money and faking a fix with that, which is exactly what caused the collapse in the first place. Multitudes of the poor and weak have died and will die because of this. Strange.

Then you’ve got the “war on terror” — EXCEPT it’s only a war on SOME terror, because it’s PEACE for the biggest set of terrorist gangster-thugs in the world, namely the so-called “Palestinian Authority”. AND ON TOP OF THAT America “votes in” for the first time ever a third-world president who is registered on the books as a MUSLIM and “sympathizes” (actively) with third-world Muslim terrorists. Multitudes have died and will die because of this. Strange.

Now learn your first Bible lesson about the world: whenever you see something very strange happening, “cherchez la femme” as the French say — where is the Harlot Church of Revelation 17 and 18 behind it? Because, as you will see if you read those chapters of the Bible, the Harlot Church called MYSTERY BABYLON sitting on seven hills — that is, THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, — NOT FORGETTING HER MULTITUDE OF HARLOT-DAUGHTER-CHURCHES, meaning the “Protestant” (so-called) World Council of Churches, — IS BEHIND EVERY MURDEROUS EVENT THAT HAS EVER TRANSPIRED ON EARTH according to Revelation 18. 24. In her earliest embryonic form this Church was Eve in the garden of Eden, who fell for Satan’s lie against the Word of God and threw every future human generation into death, disease and misery. In her teenage form she was the false politico-religious hierarchy of Jerusalem in Jesus’ day who crucified their own God and Messiah, and as a result brought devastating ruin on millions of innocent Jewish children and an equivalent number of poor, benighted, spiritually-blinded Jewish adults; and in her full developed form today she goes under the name of the “Holy Catholic Church” and the “Churches of Jesus Christ”, masquerading as a believer in Jesus of Nazareth. You blinded leader of the blind! Fill up the cup of your fathers!

Now normally, this deceiving little woman likes to hide under the guise of “charity” in order to achieve her devious ends. Rarely will you see her for what she is. She is Satan’s dupe, and has learned from him how to keep a low profile, winning by “flattery” what she can’t get by power (Daniel 11. 21). But when GOD HIMSELF MOVES ON THE SCENE SHE IS EXPOSED! And in this day, the greatest time in the history of the world, Jesus Himself has sent His Angel down to earth to EXPOSE HER, TO OVERTHROW HER DOMINION, TO RUIN HER KINGDOM, TO OBLITERATE HER EMPIRE and set up HIS GLORIOUS KINGDOM ON EARTH “AS IN HEAVEN”. Now you see why such contortions are going on in world politics and the governments of the present evil age. THE DEVIL AND HIS HARLOT BRIDE ARE CORNERED. The great Snake is twisting himself into ever-more-contorted coils to escape the Word Sword of Jesus Christ. It’s even obvious to the man in the street. When you see these twistings of Satan going on right in front of your eyes, know, the TIME IS SHORT. The devil knows it, the false Church knows it, and now you know it. Rejoice, for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and the bride of Jesus Christ has made herself ready.

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