Financial 9/11

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Watch this video from the highest official level to find out what really caused the global financial meltdown. One morning around Sep. 15th 2008 at 11 am a $550 billion dollar “run on the bank” from an unidentified source threatened to destroy the economy of the US by early afternoon and THE WHOLE GLOBAL ECONOMY WITHIN 24 HOURS. That’s why the US government shut down the markets. The US was “thrown into the middle of the Atlantic without a life-raft”. Question: who has the money to throw the US into the Atlantic? Answer: The Vatican and its offspring the World Council of Churches. They have the gold, the Jews on Wall street have the paper money. Notice it’s Wall Street who’s crippled here. Don’t believe the lying rumors blaming the Jews for this crisis. The Vatican and the other corrupt churches now have the crisis (manufactured) and the blackmailable president to dictate their terms to America. The crisis was deliberately initiated (a) to destabilize America (b) to get in the president to mismanage it. The aim is the destruction of the Bible-believing backbone of America and particularly Israel and the Jews, not forgetting the inveterate enemy of the Vatican, Orthodox Russia.


P.S. Insta-Evidence of Vatican and World Council of Churches involvement in Obama’s agenda:

Re.: Obama’s well-known mentor Zbigniew Brzezinski:

1. Newsweek Apr. 11 2005: “Several years ago, Zbigniew Brzezinski visited Pope John Paul II at his summer residence, Castle Gandolfo. At a small, private mass, the pope asked Brzezinski, a fellow Roman Catholic and longtime ally against communism, to read from the Epistles. To this day, Brzezinski recalls the moment as “deeply moving, meaningful.” “He was a person of great strength and simplicity, yet of intellectual sophistication at the same time,” says Brzezinski. He had first met Karol Wojtyla in the early ’70s, before coming to the White House as national-security adviser to President Jimmy Carter. It was during that time that John Paul II made his first overtures … ”

2. Patrick Briley (Ex-US-Navy-Commander and researcher on terrorism): “BRZEZINSKI: OBAMA’S GLOBALIST ‘RASPUTIN'” September 16, 2008 “Obama and Brzezinski, like the Communists are exploiting the World Council and National Council of churches and have subverted their original Christian message to a world socialist doctrine through Marxist ministers and seminaries.”

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