The Illegal Foreign Regime in Washington gets the courts to dismiss Constitutional case against them

The present illegal, foreign, regime in Washington DC has got its stooges in the courts to dismiss the Constitutional case against them (“Kerchner et al.”) by the Attorney Apuzzo of New Jersey. Their excuse is the usual one that the plaintiffs (Kerchner et al.) “lack standing”, that is lack a very technical, and really imaginary, status to prosecute the case. (See the earlier entries on this Blog to get the background.) They also claim the courts don’t have jurisdictional power to enforce the Constitution against the political establishment!!!! Crazy, huh? If they can’t enforce the legal requirements of the Constitution, who can? This is just the latest in a non-stop assault on the great Christian Constitution of America by the major Cults controlling America today, the Vatican and the World Council of “Churches”, in their attempt to get America off of its Biblical Christian foundation and completely under foreign (European, Vatican) law.

Remember Mr. Obama is a British citizen and not a “natural born citizen” of the USA as the Constitution requires. He has never fought for this country and has manifested his appetite openly for undermining every legitimate operation of US forces against evil foreign entities, especially Muslim ones. Note: the Cults use “Muslim” terrorists as a smokescreen, like they use the Mafia, to hide their own illegal activities. Mr. Obama himself is on the books as a Muslim, and will probably announce his “conversion” to Islam shortly. He is currently in the process of ruining by mismanagement the US gains in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Cults have got Mr. Obama in power so they can weaken and totally control America in the Third World War which they started on 9/11. The good thing is there are still a few patriotic Americans like Kerchner and Apuzzo around to make life difficult for them. Apuzzo will be appealing the case. Let’s hope, for the preservation of the Constitution, the appeal succeeds.

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