Obama bows to the Financer of Sunni Muslim Terror

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Watch this video of Mr. Obama bowing to the Saudi king. (The bow starts at 50 seconds into the video.) While Mr. Obama, who is on the books as a Muslim, pursues ways of attacking Christian Bible-faith in America under the guise of “hate-laws”, he meanwhile BOWS TO THE CHIEF SUNNI MUSLIM AUTHORITY, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, the guardian of Islam’s “holiest” site in Mecca. This symbolizes the HUMILIATION OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE USA before Muslim terror. Whilst brave soldiers of the US give their lives in service to the American Constitution in Iraq, their president grovels in front of the dictator of Saudi Arabia, who FINANCES THE VERY SUNNI TERRORISTS IN IRAQ WHO KILL AMERICAN SOLDIERS.

Meanwhile, you will notice another sudden outburst of terror since the recent US election. The IRA is up to its old massacring practices again! This is because the Roman “Catholic” Kennedy clan is back in power in the US, using Obama as their front man. The Kennedys finance the IRA. It was dangerous for the Roman “Catholic” terrorists of the IRA to operate while Mr. Bush was in power, because Mr. Bush was determined to root out all terrorist organizations, and the connection between the Vatican and terror-groups (especially the IRA) would be too obvious. As soon as Mr. Bush is gone, up pop the IRA thugs again, murdering British troops in their usual cowardly way (delivering a pizza this time). Notice how the terrorist network dances to the tune of the ENEMY WITHIN AMERICA ITSELF. Of course, the IRA allies with any terrorist group which attacks traditional Vatican enemies, the Jews being the most ancient Vatican enemy of all. The VATICAN BELIEVES THE JEWS ARE ANTICHRIST — that’s why they put 666 on the passport-numbers of Bible-believers who support the Jews. (Of course, it’s the Pope himself who is Antichrist — the Bible says the Antichrist church, the “Whore”, sits on the city of seven hills, which is Rome, Revelation chapters 17 and 18.) And that’s why we find the IRA front-man Adams running to Gaza as quickly as he can, mouthing off there how the IRA sympathizes with Hamas terrorists against ISRAEL. You will notice that when Israel legitimately attacked the Gazan terrorists in Operation Cast Lead, gallantly warning civilians, even at the potential cost of Israeli soldiers’ lives, to escape coming bombardments, the Pope condemned the Israeli action as a “holocaust” of the people of Gaza. These are not mere platitudes. They represent the real animus of the Vatican against the Jews, and that will be backed up by their present kangaroo government in the USA. Pressure will be put on Israel to yield to Muslim terror. The Bible prophesies Israel will be pressured to the bitter end, but when they receive their Messiah Jesus, they will rise in a triumphant display of God’s power against the apostate so-called “churches” of the West, the Vatican and the World Council of Churches. That day is nearly here.

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  1. I wonder if anyone ever asked Obama himself if he bowed to the king or not… we need to give him the opportunity to admit and explain why, or lie.

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