The Pagan Festival of Easter

Originally posted: March 21 2008


Most Christians (so-called as well as many genuine ones) will be celebrating Easter over the next few days. Do you realize this is a pagan festival?

We’ve got nothing against anybody having special festivals. The Bible says all days are the same, so a festival day is just the same as a normal day in God’s Book. What is wrong is when people start OBSERVING days and times as though they are RELIGIOUS DUTIES. Christians don’t do that.

Paul said about the backslidden Galatian Christians: “Ye observe days, and months, and times, and years. I am afraid of you, lest I have bestowed upon you labour in vain” (Galatians 4:10-11). So that’s out.

Easter was invented by the Vatican cult, way back in Rome. They twisted the true Bible history of how Jesus died and rose again physically into a version of the pagan myth of the god of nature, the sun-god, who died in the winter and rose in the spring in the form of flowers and budding trees. They identified this sun-god with one of their famous pagan kings who lived in the so-called “Golden Age” just after the Flood. This evil king was called Tammuz, and he had other names like Adonis, Osiris and Dionysus. So it was easy for them to say Tammuz had “reappeared” on earth as Jesus. Now Jesus, to them, was the new sun-god. How perverted! That’s why they said Easter HAD to be celebrated on Sunday, the day of the sun-god. In fact thousands of true Christians were massacred by the Vatican cult in the Dark Ages because these true Christians REFUSED to worship their sun-god on Sunday at the Easter festival.

The sun-god Tammuz had a sister Cora who died and went into the underworld when he, her brother, arose from the dead in the spring flowers. It was a kind of “I’ll go down, when you come up” duo act. Her mother Ceres went searching for her dead daughter for 40 days, weeping and fasting. This 40-day fast lasted till the Sunday of Tammuz’ resurrection, when she finally found her daughter had died and gone to the underworld. That’s why the Vatican cult (and other so-called Christian para-church organizations who borrowed from them) fast for 40 days before Easter Sunday. That 40-day fast is called Lent. What a load of pagan garbage! True Christians have nothing to do with it. It’s not in the Bible at all.

Now there’s nothing wrong with Evangelists using these so-called Christian festival-times to pull in the unbelievers to hear the Gospel. They (the unbelievers) are not expected to know any different. They think that’s what Christianity is about, Easter and Christmas, and so on. But we true believers must expose it for what it is. Keep away from it, children of the Messiah!

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  1. I have made a video dealing with this topic. Please watch it in its entirety before judging. Thanks!

    see www . easterau . com

    In Christ.

    • Thank you for the time and effort put into your theory on the name Easter as used in the King James version Acts 12:3-4, as you believe this is the work of God you are engaged in. Please note: the video link, unfortunately, does not work, so I am unable to comment on that. [UPDATE: 2/12/11 The link now works, but your video has nothing different from your html pages, and these miss out important information, as detailed hereafter.] As regards your explanation of why it is OK for Christians to use the word Easter, nobody, so far as I know, FORBIDS a Christian to use the word Easter, and Hislop, to whom you refer in your article, never forbade it either. Hislop’s point was that Easter as celebrated by the Roman “Catholic” cult is a PAGAN ceremony, not a Christian one, and that it merely uses the name of Christ as a label attached to that PAGAN celebration. One item of evidence he brought out in favor of his position was that the very NAME of the festival “Easter” attached to the Roman cult’s festival shows it is a PAGAN celebration. Hislop is right on both counts, and you are wrong to attack him for saying so. The PAGAN festival of Easter is an OBLIGATORY magical ceremony instituted by the First Church of Rome (the Roman “Catholic” cult), and any Catholic MUST, according to the official dogma of that cult, celebrate the 40-day fast of Lent leading up to Easter Sunday, and the associated pagan rituals, including the Easter Sunday Mass, on pain of damnation. They call this feast Quadragesima which is the identical word used for the 40-day Spring fast in the cult of the pagan Mother goddess Cybele in pagan Rome at the time this pagan ceremony was slipped into “Christianity” by the First Church of Rome. In paganism, the 40-day fast led up to the time when Attis the sun-god lived again in the flowers of Spring, after he was shown dead, hanging on a pine-tree, on March 25th (the Spring Equinox). The Roman cult swapped Jesus for Attis and therefore declared (against all astronomical possibility) that Jesus died on March 25th. Because Attis was a sun-god, they made it obligatory that the festival of the resurrection should be celebrated on a Sun-day, the day of the sun god. Tertullian, a sectarian who once belonged to the Roman cult in the second century AD, admitted the festival was identical to the pagan one, but excused that by saying the Devil was only imitating in his pagan ceremony the genuine festival of the Roman cult!!! In the Middle Ages TRUE CHRISTIANS WERE EXECUTED AND MASSACRED BY THE ROMAN CULT BECAUSE THEY REFUSED TO ADOPT THIS PAGAN FESTIVAL. As regards the name “Easter”, the Roman cult’s own ancient scholar, Bede of Jarrow, said the name Easter was the name of the pagan Anglo-Saxon goddess Eostre, who had a festival in Spring. The “Pope” of Rome issued a decree that the pagan festivals of the Anglo-Saxons were to be incorporated into the Church calendar to make the transition of pagans “easier” into the “Church”, so that is how the name Easter (the festival of the goddess Eostre) became attached to the Roman cult’s pagan festival in Anglo-Saxon Britain, and then in other English-speaking countries. You will find this explained in more detail at the following links on this site or by going to the Christian Hospitality site search using Google here and entering the search word “easter”:
      2) with detailed notes.

      On the point of your article. The King James translation is actually WRONG in its use of the word Easter in Acts 12. You notice Peter was due to be brought out of prison AFTER THE PASSOVER (PASCHA) AS THE ORIGINAL GREEK SAYS. This word was used to denote the seven feast days of the feast of UNLEAVENED BREAD (as it is called in Acts 12:3). Thus the Paschal or Passover festal period lasted from Nisan 14 to Nisan 21. (Note: you call the Hebrew month “Nissan” in your article. Nissan is a Japanese car company, NISAN is the correct Hebrew month name.) Thus Peter was going to be brought out of prison after Nisan 21. Easter, on the contrary, is very much NOT the Jewish festival of Passover Nisan 14 plus seven days from Nisan 15 to Nisan 21. It is the name given to the Roman cult’s Spring-festival, leading up to and including especially the Sunday of the Resurrection. This Sunday, Easter Sunday, terminates the Easter festival, and its calendrical timing is dictated by the Solar calendar with its special Sun-day (derived from pagan Rome). It has absolutely nothing to do with the Jewish lunar (moon-based) calendar of the Feast of Unleavened Bread or Passover, which runs from the day of the full-moon on Nisan 14 to Nisan 21. Thus if Peter was to be brought out “after Easter”, that would mean after Easter Sunday, which is the first Sunday following the first full moon after the Equinox, but in fact he was to be brought out after “Pascha”, “Passover” or the “Feast of Unleavened Bread”, that is after Nisan 21, which is a straight seven days after the first full moon following the equinox. These are two completely different things and the King James is inaccurate to use the word Easter here. There are a few other points where the King James should be corrected, as the King James translators themselves advised readers to do, if they came across some such inaccuracy. It (the King James) is still BY FAR the best available translation of the Received Text, and should be used by any real Bible-believing Christian in preference to any other English translation. Note the “New King James” is a fake attempt to modernize the original King James and is NOT RELIABLE.

      PS. On the correct use of Bible translations like the King James: as Christians we are commanded by the inspired St. Paul to Scripturally “judge” prophesyings, including INTERPRETATIONS in other tongues (languages) of God’s Word. There is a SCRIPTURAL procedure for doing this and that is detailed in 1 Corinthians 14:26 and following verses. INTERPRETATIONS (including translations) are prophesyings which must be JUDGED by spiritually-gifted judges in the body of the true Church, before they can be received by the believers as a whole in the local Church. You will find that all the great Bible-believing, evangelical, Spirit-filled ministers since the Reformation endorsed the King James translation. Individual corrections, if any, to be made to the text of the King James can only likewise be accepted in the local body of Christ if they have been the fruit of spiritual judgment by credited, Spirit-filled, ministers of the Word of God.

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