The cults want your family

What do we mean by “cults”? We mean any so-called church which does not follow the Bible in the spirit and to the letter. The biggest and oldest cult is the Vatican or Roman “Catholic” cult which has been creaking along for almost two thousand years now. Along with them in the east we have the various varieties of “Orthodox” cults, which are almost as old. The younger “cults” are the Protestant ones which split from the Roman cult in the Reformation, forming various sub-sects. The mainline Protestant cults are now pretty well united in the World Council of Churches, based in the USA.

None of the above represent true Bible-believing born-again faith. Jesus and the original disciples were simple, UNORGANIZED, individual believers who followed absolutely the Word of God, found in the Bible today, Old and New Testaments. Because these cults cannot and do not follow the Bible, they use FORCE AND POLITICAL COERCION to achieve their ends, not persuasion by preaching and living the Gospel as did the original Christians. Thus they seek to IMPOSE on the masses their twisted ideas.

Take as an example Tony Blair, the ex Prime Minister of the UK. He was a covert Roman “Catholic” whilst he was in office, because in the UK you cannot be Prime Minister if you do not accept the headship of the Protestant Church of England, the current head of which is Queenie (Elizabeth II). So he masqueraded as a member of the “High Church” of England while he held the Premiership — the “High Church” wing of that cult is almost identical to the Roman “Catholic”, apart from a few technicalities. As soon as he had retired from the Premiership he became an overt Roman “Catholic”, proclaiming to the media his “conversion”.

Now it is instructive to observe what this closet Roman “Catholic” did when he was in office. By doing so we can educate ourselves as to how the Roman “Catholic” cult operates to get its agenda imposed on the masses. You might think that as a Roman “Catholic” in all but name, Tony Blair would have advocated the ethical “principles” which the Pope says he stands for. For example the Pope IMPLIES he is against Sodomy (= homosexuality, transgender, “gay” stuff, by whatever name you like to whitewash it). Surely the Pope thunders out against “GAY MARRIAGE”. But you notice, where is the condemnation of sodomy itself? Where is the outright damnation of those who practice sodomy? There is none. That is because the Roman “Catholic” cult is the main promoter of sodomy by its lying anti-Bible teaching that priests (by which it means ordained ministers) and bishops must be UNMARRIED. This leads to two things amongst the ministers of that cult: FORNICATION in the institutionalized brothels known as closed convents between priests and nuns, as well as by careless priests beyond the convent walls, and SODOMY amongst those not inclined to the former. In fact according to the Bible ministers MUST BE MARRIED: 1 Timothy 3. 2: A bishop [in the Bible “bishop” means ordained minister] then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach”. The Bible condemns those who for false religious reasons forbid anybody to marry (1 Timothy 4. 3).

Now accordingly we find Tony Blair was a huge PROMOTER of sodomy while he was Prime Minister. He did this by posing as a “Socialist” and in the name of “Socialist” principles, not “religious” ones. That made the agenda palatable to the masses: they would have, quite rightly, cried “persecution” if he had done it in the name of “religion”. His “government” brought in a whole set of filthy legislation defending the most vile Sodomite practices, and even ENSURING sodomy was taught to young children in the “government”-run schools (which is almost ALL the schools in the UK, there are a mere handful of private ones). You see, this is the Roman “Catholic” and the “High Church” of England agenda: THE PROMOTION OF ANTI-BIBLE, IMMORAL, FILTHY, PERVERTED, pseudo-ethics, masquerading as “higher” ethics. The main victims of such legislation are the few, really moral, dedicated, Bible-believing, born-again Christians, who believe in Bible morality. They are the enemies these cults target, because the Bible believers are not afraid to confront these false, so-called “Christian” churches, and tell them to repent or perish. They hate that, and use their agents in “government” to identify and persecute true Bible-believing Christians.

Of course, this particular policy will only work if you get all the Bible-believers to send their poor children to the dens of immorality known as “government”-run schools. So that’s why Tony Blair as soon as he was Prime Minister made it objective number one to round up any homeschooling parents he could find (by tracing them, for example, through “Child Benefit” welfare payments), and FORCED THEM TO SEND THEIR KIDS TO HIS “SCHOOLS”. Then he shoved his cult-promoted sodomy down their necks. They can do that to home-schoolers in the UK because the whole place is virtually the private domain of Queenie, and has no Constitutional protections against government tyranny.

The other thing you must do to IMPOSE the cults’ pseudo-morality on the masses IS SHUT UP THE BIBLE-BELIEVERS. Because, as has been pointed out, that is what these cults HATE MORE THAN ANYTHING — THEY HATE THEIR SIN BEING EXPOSED BY THE FEARLESS PREACHING OF THE GOSPEL. So Tony Blair also brought in HATE SPEECH LAWS, which make any true preacher liable to prosecution if he once opens his mouth against sodomy, false religion, or anything else these cults stand for. Remember the Pope and the World Council of Churches (I like to call them the World Council of Lurches) are hiding in the background promoting these hate speech laws. One of their favorite techniques is to bring in hate speech laws condemning preachers who preach “against someone else’s religion”. “That’s only to defend those poor Muslims against slander” say these cult-leaders, but really they couldn’t care less about the Muslims — they want to shut those preachers up who preach AGAINST THEM.

Now get the message with the present cult-inspired President of America, Mr. Obama. He aims to do exactly as Tony Blair did in the UK. All in the name of “Socialism”. (Make that “liberalism” for the American audience.) He only has one obstacle — THAT BIG OBSTACLE OF THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION and those great Amendments protecting the American people’s rights to freedom of religion, speech, firearms etc. etc. You can see why there is such a massive assault by the present US administration on the liberties guaranteed by the US Constitution. Just look at the the current third-world status of the UK if you want to see where this will lead if Mr. Obama succeeds. It will lead to the dismemberment of the average, Christian, Bible-believing, American family, and the CONSEQUENT RUINATION OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY AND ECONOMY based on it.

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