The Federal “Government” of the USA jails Christians on trumped-up Tax charges

The kind of persecution of Bible-believing Christians currently practiced in the USA is illustrated by the disgusting treatment handed out to Kent Hovind, a fundamental Baptist Creationist teacher. He has been jailed for several years now, — and even his dear Christian wife was locked up for months, — on trumped-up tax charges. You can see more on this case by clicking on the Tag “Hovind” on this blog or by going to the website quoted below. The latest legal update on the case is as follows (accessed from I quote

“Legal Update

Last Updated: September, 23, 2010

After waiting some time in a holding facility in Atlanta, GA, Dr. Hovind has been moved to a new facility!

He is now in Jesup, GA, and has informed CSE that his living conditions are much better there than his last location! He has email access, more time to be outside, and Mrs. Jo Hovind will have the opportunity to see her husband for the first time in over 2 years!

If you would like to write to Dr. Hovind, here is his new mailing address:

Kent Hovind, #06452-017
FCI Jesup Satellite Camp
2650 US Hwy. 301 South
Jesup, GA. 31599-5676 USA”

Look how known perverts like Roman “Catholic” priests and nuns are pampered with tax-payers hard-earned dollars, and with the blessing of the Federal Government and cult-controlled media, while real hard-working, upright, moral, Bible-believing Christians are chased for every minor infraction (real or invented) of the IRS’ ridiculous gobbleydegook tax-code. This is a deliberate ploy by the cults which control the Federal Government, namely the Vatican and the World Council of “Churches”, who aim to criminalize Bible-believing, evangelical, Spirit-filled Christianity and harass, penalize and destroy it, using their stooges in the Federal machinery and the Courts of the US. It’s about time the criminals of the IRS and their accomplices in Washington were exposed for the subverters of the Constitution they really are and thrown into the dustbin of history.

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