Gentiles trying to convert Jews

Originally posted: April 1 2008


Sounds alright to most Bible-believing Christians. But there’s something very seriously wrong with it. The Bible says: “He [Jesus] CAME UNTO HIS OWN, and …” AT THAT TIME … “His own received Him not”. (John 1. 11.) Note: He CAME TO HIS OWN, that is, to the people of Israel whom He Himself had tenderly reared since the time of Abraham. “Before Abraham was I AM”, He said. (John 8. 58.) Jesus is the I AM. He Himself is God. Let Jesus deal with His own nation of Israel.

Now, the trouble is, if the “Evangelicals” are going to convert Israel, WHO’S GOING TO CONVERT THE EVANGELICALS???? Before the “Evangelicals” start hiving off to Israel, they’ve got a bit of cleaning up to do in their own back yard. Let’s take America for example, the great home of “Evangelicals”. Have you ever seen such a moral filth as the USA church-going public? They legalize ADULTERY (multiple new partners), SODOMY, PROSTITUTION, DRUGS (alcohol, tobacco and others), ALLOW LEGALIZED CHILD-MURDER (ABORTION), that’s just for starters. So-called “Christian” culture in America is a uni-sex Sodomized perversion, deliberately PROMOTED BY SO-CALLED CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITIES (UNI-SEX-PERVERSITIES). Try and get the Bible taught in these hot-houses of moral decay and some jelly-livered so-called “Evangelical” professor will come around telling you not to “offend” the unbelievers. In America they’ve got so low-down they don’t talk nowadays about outlawing sodomy, they only talk about outlawing “Sodomite MARRIAGE” as if any rampant homosexual wants to get married any way. (Although he might do it just for fun, if the “Evangelicals” don’t want him to.) Then they’ve got the nerve to talk about “converting” Israel.

So you can see, there’s just a weeny little bit of what you call hypocrisy there. Now, remember most of the German “Evangelicals” supported Hitler in the Second World War. That is, until he was crushed by the overwhelming force of the western alliance. And the Allies themselves were shocked into activity only because the Fuhrer (“Peas be upon him”) did not restrict his massacring to Jews. Of course the German “Evangelicals” were a little disturbed as the Jews disappeared en masse from the streets, but not enough to move them into a new career in a new land.

That was a long time ago, you say. But wait, most of the denominations to which the “Evangelicals” belong are MEMBERS RIGHT NOW OF THE “WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES”. The “World Council of Churches” regularly sends disruptive missions into Israel SUPPORTING THE VIOLENT MUSLIM TERRORISTS OF PALESTINE AGAINST ISRAEL. Usually this Council CONDEMNS LEGITIMATE ISRAELI REPRISALS AGAINST THE TERRORISTS. In doing that they are merely following the lead of the Vatican cult, which likewise, as it did in the Second World War with the Nazis, winks at the murder of Jews by Muslim terrorists, then cries out loud whenever Israel punishes them. So you can see, that murderous Nazi spirit still lives.

Understandably, then, Jews have become wary of “Evangelicals” and even of all Christians (which is the Devil’s twisted aim). Remember paragraph #1 above. God Himself deals with the Jews. And God does NOTHING (Amos 3. 7) until He reveals His secret to His servants THE PROPHETS. God is going to send TWO ISRAELITE PROPHETS TO ISRAEL (Revelation chapter 11), and until that time you are wasting your time trying to “convert” Israel. You are going to cause more harm than good. So all you Bible-believers, believe the Bible and KEEP AWAY FROM ISRAEL. It’s not God’s time quite yet. Nearly, but not yet. And then you won’t be doing it, it will be Israelite Prophets (capital “P”). You so-called “Evangelicals” have already TURNED DOWN God’s anointed, God-sent Prophet, to America, William Branham. You ridiculed and despised his humble message of repentance, and now you are reaping the consequences. God is now blinding the Gentile churches of the USA as He blinded Israel in the past, and now HE (not you) will give the Light again to Israel. Praise God!

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  1. {This comment has been edited as it sees to be more of a promotion of this person’s views than a genuine comment — it has also been relocated to become a comment on this post, which appropriately talks about Rev. 11, instead of where it was submitted, that is, on the Contact page. The rather vague and rambling passages have been omitted, and only those sections which can be judged scripturally have been left in. “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.” 1 John 4:1.}

    To All Christ believers,
    Truth about man made churches around the world.
    Many believe the lie, but only few will believe the love of the truth Matt 7:13-15; Matt 24:24.
    My testimony on video is REAL.
    God sent me spiritually into the great city Rev 11:8. I saw my own spiritual body go into the earth after God anointed me in the river of life.
    I am witness in seeing the beast ascended out of the bottomless pit and in spiritual perdition right NOW.
    Once spiritual perdition ends Rev 11:9-13, then beast goes to religious leader in Rome Dan 8:23-25; 9:26-27>Dan 8:9-11>Rev 17:8,11;Dan 8:23.
    The word of God is spiritual. The prophecies of Revelation 11 is happening in the spirit realm.
    When spiritual perdition ends (42 months) then beast goes to religious leader in Rome (Rev 17:11) then all churches of Catholics, Christians, Mormons, Jehovah witnesses on earth shall fall under the rule of the anti Christ, the false lord Rev 9:4,15-16> Joel 2:2-10;Dan 8:23; Rev 16:14; Rev 18:2-3;Luke 21:34-35…… {Last (even more) rambling section omitted.}

    • Thank you my friend for your (rambling) comment, large parts of which have been omitted since they merely seem to be promoting your own views, not commenting on a Blog post. The sections I have left in your comment (above) contain errors. The beast of Revelation 11 who ascends out of the bottomless pit, GOES into perdition (that is, after he slays the two witnesses in Jerusalem), and is not there now as you say. Revelation 11:7 “And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them.” And Revelation 17:8 “The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.” Also that beast IS the religious leader in Rome, that is the so-called “Pope of Rome”, the head of the Roman “Catholic” system, the dictator (“king”, Revelation 17:10-11) of the Vatican, as proven in Revelation 17:9 and 18, where the same beast is located on the seven hills of Rome (the city which in John’s day controlled the whole world). What this shows is that the Pope will do a money-deal with the Jews in Israel, allowing them to build the Third Temple in Jerusalem, but then will break his covenant and murder the two prophet-witnesses, trying to force the Jews into the One World “Church” of united “Catholics” and backslidden “Protestants”. That will be the time when Jesus returns from heaven with His Bride Church (the True Church) to set up the millennium Kingdom. The prophecy in Revelation 11 is not “happening in the spirit realm” now as you say, but is a future event, since John the Apostle saw these things happening “on the Day of the Lord” (Revelation 1:10) which is the Biblical description of the Day God returns with the Gospel to the Jews, and the whole of Israel is saved. (NOT yet happened.) A Day with the Lord is one thousand years, and that Day of the Lord is the Millennium Day of one thousand years during which the faithful, and martyred, followers of Christ reign for one thousand years. That thousand years reign begins on the very day of the first resurrection, which happens at the Rapture, and is also when the Gospel turns from the Gentiles to the Jews. (See for this thousand year reign and its commencement Revelation 20:6.) The Jews will then receive the Messiah Jesus as a nation. (See Romans 11:15 and 26.)

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