The filthy-rich European Cults which control America use Obama’s inaction to violently suppress the Arab demonstrations

The super-rich corrupt European cults which now control the USA by their stocks, capital and investments, are using their mascot-boy, Mr. Obama, to fiddle while the Near East burns. These are Europe-based cults, the Vatican, of course, in the Vatican, Rome, and its buddy the World Council of “Churches”, a perverted Batman and Robin pair, the latter under the overarching control of the Cult of England headed by Queeny (lovingly known to her stiff-upper-lip worshipers as “Queen Elizabeth II”). They risk losing their carefully-constructed oil-dictatorships in the Near East, which they use as hammers against poor little Israel. The Arab peoples oppressed by these Western-controlled dictatorships have had enough, and have tried, successfully in some cases, to throw off their dictators, but the message from Egypt’s successful revolt has quickly been digested by these cults and now they are in SUPPRESS-mode. They have authorized Gaddafi in Libya and the Saudi royals of Bahrain to CRUSH the demonstrations by bloody massacre. They are desperate to keep these easily-controlled merchants of violence in power throughout the Arab world. So mascot-boy, the Sodomy- and Islam-preaching pink dictator, Mr. Obama, does his usual gormless speechifying whilst DOING ZERO to help the poor Arab populaces of Libya and Bahrain WHO ARE RIGHT NOW BEING MASSACRED BY HEAVILY-ARMED MILITARY. To show how desperate they are to keep the pressure on Israel, using their gangster cronies, these cults ARE EVEN NOW, PUTTING RELENTLESS PRESSURE ON ISRAEL TO CEDE ITS LEGITIMATE, GOD-GIVEN, LAND TO A BUNCH OF PALESTINIAN GANGSTERS (THE SO-CALLED “PA AUTHORITY”), EVEN WHEN A WHOLE FAMILY OF LOVELY, SWEET, ISRAELI SETTLERS, INCLUDING POOR LITTLE INFANTS, HAVE BEEN SAVAGELY KNIFED TO DEATH IN THEIR BEDS JUST THIS PAST WEEK. It’s about time the Israeli government MISSILED that so-called “PA Authority” in Ramallah (and meanwhile told Mr. Obama where to shove his Quran). As God’s indignation boils over in earthquake, flood, and nuclear catastrophe, it’s about time Bible-believing Americans, too, woke up to the creeping evil in the White House, and TEA-PARTIED the whole entity on the Potomac. Those Tea-Party candidates voted in on the last wave of discontent should realize they’re being manipulated by the Republican establishment. Dump the super-rich Republican Party and set America back on the right course. Maybe, just maybe, it will give the country (and the world) a few minutes grace.


PS. Al-jazeera, the fake “pro-Arab” Near-Eastern station, set up by the Vatican-infiltrated CIA using the British secret service, has, of course, NOW GONE VERY SILENT on these Arab popular uprisings. Al-jazeera was set up to PROMOTE JIHAD AGAINST ISRAEL in the Arab world, whilst purportedly supporting the “ordinary Arab peoples”. Having found out what the ordinary Arab peoples can really do when they get going, Al-jazeera has rapidly backed off its coverage!

UPDATE Sat 19 March

Military action has at last been sent, thank God, to help the poor Libyan population against Gaddafi. But if even a complete lunatic like Gaddafi has been allowed to get away with it so long, it bodes ill for the populations under the heel of more subtle operators like the Saudi, Bahraini and Yemeni dictators. Don’t let this MINIMUM action lull you into complacency. The big-time culprits, especially the oppressive regime in Saudi Arabia, and the crazy dictator Ahmedinejad, as well as the insidious so-called “Palestinian” Authority (which would be comical if it wasn’t so vile and murderous) MUST BE CONFRONTED, AND REMOVED.

By the by, Mr. Obama has done the normal, illegal, “international” thing of by-passing the US CONGRESS and instead dealing with the totally illegitimate UN in order to declare war on Gaddafi. Congress should have been called to special session weeks ago, updated on the facts of Gaddafi’s butchery, and requested to authorize force. There is no saying how this horrible fiasco will play out with the “UN” in control.

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