Advice to the Evangelical Base — Direct the Tea-Party to dump the Republicans

The Republican party ALLOWED Mr. Obama to win the last election by putting up a deliberately anti-Evangelical set of duff candidates. THEY ARE NOW BUSY REPEATING THE PROCESS. In some cases we have the VERY SAME DUFF CANDIDATES (ROMNEY, HUCKABEE [the “nominal Evangelical”] etc.) touted around. The Tea-Party caucus should see to it that the neo-Nazi Republican fat-cats and their Vatican mentors GET THE BOOT. There’s only one sure-fire way to win the next election and that’s to APPEAL TO THE BIBLE-BELIEVING EVANGELICAL BASE. The Republican fat-cats ARE DESPERATE to keep the Tea-Party under their wing, and at the same time to de-fang it, as otherwise THEY HAVE NO APPEAL WHATSOEVER TO THE AVERAGE VOTER. They dumped the Evangelicals at the last election. Now’s the time for the Tea-Party to dump them.

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