Time to Oust the Dictators

As the poor Arab people attempt the seemingly impossible — to unshackle themselves from their oppressive dictators — the Islam-preaching dictator of America continues to do the MINIMUM POSSIBLE. The Vatican is piping up now, of course. The oppressive dictatorial regimes carefully built up by the Vatican, using American tax-payers’ dollars, since World War 2 are now collapsing like a pack of cards. The anti-Israel Arab dictatorships are falling. So the Vatican’s representative in the Libyan capital Tripoli is now criticizing the strikes on the lunatic Gaddafi, by claiming “innocent civilians” are getting killed. Of course the Vatican doesn’t care a fig about the thousands the psycho-thug Gaddafi has slaughtered in his mad rampage to quash those who have rightfully rebelled against him. The tactic now is to hijack the NATO operation against Gaddafi and turn it into a military clamp-down on ALL “VIOLENCE”, which means NATO will effectively PROTECT Gaddafi against the rebels!! This is the plan the Islam-preaching dictator of America is backing. At the same time he has let it be known that “America” will NOT protect the civilians of Syria against their murderous psycho-thug dictator Assad. The Vatican is also seeking to turn Arab attention on Israel (as usual), attacking Israel’s alleged “occupation” of Palestine. They are trying to get Europe and the UN to recognize another terrorist entity — the so-called Palestinian Authority under the murderous gang-leader Abbas. The USA should IMMEDIATELY, on the contrary, 1) TAKE OUT GADDAFI, 2) TAKE OUT THE SYRIAN DICTATOR ASSAD 3) TAKE OUT ABBAS AND THE SO-CALLED PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY 4) TAKE OUT EVERY OPPRESSIVE DICTATORSHIP IN THE NEAR-EAST FOR THE SAKE OF GOD’S CHOSEN NATION, ISRAEL, AND FOR THE SAKE OF THE SUFFERING ARAB PEOPLE. The Bible says secular governments must “PUNISH EVILDOERS“. The current regime on the Potomac can’t supply the goods. It’s time for that dictatorship to be removed too.

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