The upcoming US election

Originally posted: Oct 31 2008


The demonized population of America is about to vote in the upcoming US Presidential election. Will it help in the current drastic times?

You should be able to tell by the word “demonized”. The answer is NO. “Demonized” means “affected by demons” and demons are the spirits of heroes. America is in the grip of mind-control from the Devil. The population worships heroes instead of the One True God, Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior. They worship pop-stars, evangelists, pastors, priests, gurus, actors and actresses, media-heroes, all sorts of demons. The result is mass insanity.

Saying that does not mean the other nations are better. They are worse. Britain, Europe and Russia dumped the Gospel of Jesus years ago and fell into educated insanity long before America. The eastern nations ditched Jesus many centuries further back in history and that’s why they stagnate under weird and wonderful cults like Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

It used to be that the United States was a city on a hill, a beacon of Gospel light to other nations, on the foundation of the Pilgrim Fathers and its great Christian Constitution. Now it’s morally and politically, and even financially, bankrupt. They’ve lived like lazy hippies on the wealth accumulated by their faithful fathers, partying while the money dwindles. Now God’s pulling the plugs on the party. It’s over America! It’s too late to repent. You had your last chance 50 years ago. Now is your doom. God will ruin you by natural disaster then your enemies will nuke you.

You true Bible-believers out there, don’t expect anything from this election except a further collapse into chaos. Put your trust in the only ELECTION that matters — the electing of real Christians by Jesus. If you are ELECTED by God you will escape the horrors that are coming on this world, and be translated to be with Jesus in the Rapture. All those who think there is any ANSWER but this — God’s answer — are truly insane.

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