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The mail address is for mission packages only. If you have inquiries or comments please see the information below. Thank you for your co-operation.

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12 comments on “Contact

  1. I enjoy your writing Brother! Jesus bless you!

  2. Delphy Missimer

    11/18/2015 at 11:30 am Reply

    Hello, I’m a servant of our LORD JESUS CHRIST and HIS End Times Prophecy Ministries. The ministry’s goal is to reach out to as many people throughout the entire World, spread The LORD’s WORDS for This Last Days Generation and HIS upcoming, imminent return.

    We are reaching out to your organization for assistance, help on spreading The LORD’s WORDS for ALL HIS Children. Our request consist on adding FREE resources/e-books about Christianity, Intimacy with GOD and the End Times, in which we are living in right now, to your website. These FREE e-books [url omitted] have been written by different authors/ ministry partners and are available on different languages. Please let me know if they can be added to your website.

    Your consideration and support will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

    • Hello and God bless you. We don’t promote other sites or works as such on this site, therefore we’ve omitted your url etc. We first “test the spirits” as Jesus told us to do, before we endorse. However we are very willing to do this in your case, if you wish.
      Our blessings in Jesus and looking forward to any future contact you may make.

  3. Dear Brother Richard,

    I appreciate your work and would like to draw from some of your studies. Is there an address to which I might send you a tithe?

    • Brother Richard Brother Richard

      04/05/2016 at 6:29 pm Reply

      Thankyou my brother for your interest and wish to support. I looked back to the last contact in June 2015 and noticed there was no reply to my question re. Israel. Perhaps you didn’t see my Reply to your comment which contained this question. I’ll quote it again here: “PS. the reason I deleted the url to your website and the subscribe link from your comment is that, though embracing Bro. Branham’s ministry, your site has contained in the past what appear to be anti-Israel doctrines. I would be happy to restore the links if you clarify your Biblical position on this. Incidentally that doesn’t mean I feel any animosity at all towards you — I only wish you the best in Christian love.” I hope I didn’t offend you in any way by asking you to clarify. Am I reading your beliefs correctly? Do you believe the Jews who are returning to the land of Israel are God’s Covenant people? For example, some people believe the Scots or the British are the “lost tribes of Israel”. Maybe you come from that “British-Israel” viewpoint. I’m not sure. Would be great if you can make it clear. Thanks again and wishing you all the best in Jesus Christ.

  4. Anthony Grigor-Scott

    04/06/2016 at 1:47 pm Reply

    Dear Brother Richard,

    Christian Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    I responded to your reply to my 2015 email earlier this evening when I came across it for the first time.

    British Israel theology is a Jewish hoax as is well-recorded in history, encyclopedias, etc., and quite absurd. The proposition that the Scots, English are the so-called “Lost tribes” is the deception of Rabbi Menasseh ben Israel, as I recall and the history of this Jewish HOAX upon the superstitious English is fully explained on the Church Website. Furthermore, as the Scots and English are not domiciled in the Middle East and North Africa where the Israelites have been since the days of the days of the ancient Assyrian and Babylonian Empires they are not the people of Israel. I am astounded at the your conclusion. There is neither Scripture nor any Message by the Prophet that might suggest this possibility. You have not “read my beliefs” as such from the Website. Had you read the Website you would know that we expose this Jewish Hoax.

    God bless you.

    Yours sincerely in the love and service of our Lord Jesus Christ

    Your Brother-in-Christ,

    Anthony Grigor-Scott

    • Brother Richard Brother Richard

      04/06/2016 at 6:53 pm Reply

      Thank you. (The reply to this comment follows below, and the linked comment, with a copy of the reply, is found at this link:

      In reply to Anthony Grigor-Scott.

      This is the reply to your comment above, and also to your comment at Thank you for your time and attention to this question. Please note we don’t use email on this site, we communicate via the Blog.

      Regarding the Daniel calculation, you seem to have difficulty locating the math I used in Prophetic Reckoner. I have already laid it out for you in the following Reply:

      As regards the anti-Israel stuff on your site: Putting together what you say here with what you say in your second comment (posted a little later than this), I understand you have a variation of your own on the anti-Israel viewpoint I referred to. If I understand you correctly (and please feel free to correct me), you believe the literal descendants of Israel are still scattered somewhere within the populations of the Near East, North Africa etc., where they were exiled way back, and that means the current State of Israel is filled, as you imagine, with “fake Jews”! This, of course, is the typical Vaticanite Jesuit viewpoint. They believe the Jews of Israel today are the “Synagogue of Satan” — those “who say they are Jews and are not” — misquoting and misapplying the verse in Revelation. The truth is Israel has been restored to the land and is now a nation (1948 onwards), as God promised they would be. On the contrary the Vatican is the “Synagogue of Satan”: they are the ones who say they are the “true Jews” and are not. That applies also to the various anti-Semitic idiots in the Protestant camp. They say they are the “true Spiritual Israel” which has “replaced” literal Israel. You seem to come in that camp, from what you say here. You even say the Queen is “ruling the restored Israel” as a “Christian”. That is total delusion and shows how far you have erred from the Word. No woman rules the people of God, according to the Bible.

      Incidentally your use of the “biblebelievers” tag in your website seems to be a deliberate attempt to confuse ignorant people, and make them think you are the same as the biblebelievers group in the USA, which is connected with the Jeffersonville circle. I would have thought a Christian would avoid such confusion like the plague.

      Finally you mention the myth that Bro. Branham wasn’t on Sunset Mountain on 28 Feb 1963. Well he certainly was, you just misunderstood what he said about it. I will address this, the Lord willing, either in a continuation of this comment reply or in a separate article some time shortly.

      God further help you and guide you.

  5. Brother Richard Brother Richard

    05/20/2016 at 12:40 pm Reply

    Please note: Some of the comments originally posted on Contact relating to the Original Christian Quran now can be found in Feedback to Bible Resources at this link: Please go there to follow up on that topic. Thank you.

  6. Stephen Mark Hall

    08/24/2016 at 7:34 am Reply

    Dear Brother Richard,

    Do you have any Wide Margin Center Reference KJV Bibles for sale? Many years ago you sent me one but unfortunately it has become lost during a vacation and I am lost without that precious KJV. Is there any chance you could sell me one to replace or give address where to purchase. That Bible meant so much to me and is almost irreplaceable with all the study notes. I think it was an Hendricksen.



    • Brother Richard Brother Richard

      08/24/2016 at 12:55 pm Reply

      Thanks for your message. Will look into it. Can’t say if that particular Bible is still available in this area, but if we find it, will give you a bell on the email. God bless you.


    10/05/2016 at 12:24 pm Reply

    how can i put my peacher on google?

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